Prospective MIDN

Ease the Strain for Paying for College

One of the most stressful complications for college students is finding the money to pay for the thousands of dollars of college-related expenses. The Navy and Marine Corps offers many scholarship options for those looking to gain tuition or housing assistance while pursuing their degree as a full time student. ROTC offers two, three, and four-four scholarships, based on individual cadets’ circumstance. Scholarships are competitive at the national or campus level. The Navy ROTC scholarship entitles its recipients to full-tuition assistance as well as a textbook/fee allowance and a monthly stipend to cover the student’s living expenses.

Current Students – Freshmen and Sophomores

At UMBC, you can seek a Navy or Marine Corps commission in our program—even if you are currently a freshman or sophomore. You can continue to apply for a four-year national scholarship until you have 30 credits. Or you can come in as a basic standing student and apply for a three- or two-year Navy or three-, two-and-a-half or two-year scholarship with the Marine Corps.

Requirements for the Navy

  • At minimum a 3.0 cumulative GPA (collegiate).

Requirements for Marine Corps

  • A minimum of 1000 SAT (Math and Critical Reading, score from latest and same test), or 22 ACT Composite or 74 AFQT.
  • Within height/weight/body fat standard per Marine Corps Order.
  • At minimum a 3.0 cumulative GPA (collegiate).
  • No Probation or LOA.
  • Must achieve a minimum score of 235 on Marine Corps Physical Fitness Test.
  • No less than 12 dead hang pullups or 50 seconds of flexed arm hang (females only).
  • 90 crunches in two Minutes.
  • 22 minute (males) 25 minute (females) or faster three-mile run.
  • Academically a second semester freshman or second semester sophomore.
  • If you are going to pursue an aviation contract you need to take the ASTB. We can administer the exam on campus with early notification. Required scores are 5 on Academic Qualification Rating (AQR), 6 on Pilot Flight Officer Rating (PFAR).
  • Eyesight for pilots can be 20/40 uncorrected and correctable to 20/20.

High school seniors

The United States Navy and Marine Corps offers outstanding high school students the opportunity to seek a commission through our rigorous and rewarding NROTC program.  More information can be found to left under the NROTC Scholarship page.

How can you become part of our team?

Each year, the chief of Naval Education and Training (CNET) awards competitive scholarships to students who are willing to strive to be the best. You are eligible if you have excelled in academics, extra-curricular activities, athletics and leadership positions, and want to further your success by becoming an officer in the United States Navy or Marine Corps.

For an informational overview regarding Navy and Marine Corps ROTC visit to learn about program requirements, scholarships, and careers in the Navy and Marine Corps.

If you are not a National NROTC Scholarship Recipient, and wish to join the UMBC NROTC unit as a non-scholarship “College Program” student, please contact us at (410) 455-1513 / 1439 or