Our battalion was established in 2016 as part of the Maryland NROTC consortium. We are driven by the core values of honor, courage, and commitment as we push our midshipmen mentally, morally, and physically. Our midshipmen are given the opportunities to show leadership and build the necessary skills they can later utilize in the fleet. As billet positions change every semester, midshipmen are able to expand their knowledge and experience through various roles within the battalion. Though our battalion is relatively small, we have true grit, as a Retriever should, to go above and beyond the expectations in everything we do.

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Donations are greatly appreciated and will directly support our midshipmen. Our battalion would use the money to fund many different morale events, ceremonies, and field exercises, which promote the success of our midshipmen and unit. Additionally, midshipmen are given the opportunity to attend leadership conferences each semester, which promote networking and further develop leadership skills. Your donation can have an immense impact on the experiences of our Midshipmen throughout this program and aid in their development into future Naval and Marine Corps Officers.

Donations will be graciously accepted through our Battalion Activities Fund. Please be on the look out for opportunities to donate on this page.

Commissioned Officers


Rodriguez, Sabrina – Surface Warfare (IP)

Droneberger, Ethan – Submarine Warfare

Panto, Nathan – Surface Warfare

Spittel, Jared – Submarine Warfare

McPherson, Connor – Surface Warfare (Intel)

Reyes, Darwin – Naval Aviation


Hill, Joseph – Naval Aviation

Paulemon, Matthew – Surface Warfare

Flynn, Sarah – Surface Warfare (Nuclear)

Uyeunten, Kepono – Surface Warfare

Yang, Jonathan – Surface Warfare

Saito-Sherris, Benjamin – Surface Warfare


Saul Cervantes – Naval Aviation

Elijah Yator – Submarine Warfare

Hayley Goodloe – Surface Warfare

Sophia Murillo – Surface Warfare

Joseph Fusco – Surface Warfare (Nuclear)

Glori Keough – Submarine Warfare

Anna Sava – Submarine Warfare

Brian Mazzone – Naval Aviation

Connor McGahan – Naval Aviation

Thomas Morales – Marine Aviation

Fred Bealefeld – Marine Aviation

Stevie Clark – Information Professional

Jessica Berman – Surface Warfare


Daniel Ahn – Surface Warfare

Ahad Asim – Naval Aviation

Joshua Bondoc – Surface Warfare

Nick Chong – Surface Warfare

Michael DAmico – Marine Ground

Jake Fedorczyk – Naval Aviation

Scott Flood – Naval Aviation

Jordan Fok – Cryptologic Warfare

Brandon Jackson – Surface Warfare (Nuclear)

Bruce Jackson – Naval Aviation

Michael Metler – Surface Warfare

Tyler Mowlds – Marine Aviation

Connor Robison – Surface Warfare

Anthony Romeo – Naval Aviation

Emily Schmidt – Submarine Warfare

Jacob Topper – Surface Warfare

Sean Wilson – Marine Ground


Benjamin Dunlap – Marine Ground

Brian Kelly – Marine Ground

Ghazi Nazzal – Surface Warfare (Supply)

Ryan Simpson – Surface Warfare (Oceanography)